SOMMET - A French Cafe and Bar by Restaurant JAG

Our philosophy at SOMMET is the same as that at Restaurant JAG, treat the sourced ingredients respectfully, serve them with warm hospitality and hope our guests enjoy the experience.

The offering at SOMMET is inspired by a classic French Café where one can dine in with us, every day.

We hope to see you at SOMMET soon.



quinoa salad
braised pumpkin, sliced avocado, roasted seed, egg parfait,
smoked salmon

kale caesar salad
parmesan, caper berry, tomatoes, chicken, crouton, anchovy dressing

salad niçoise
romaine lettuce, french bean, tomato, bell pepper, crouton, black olive, tuna mayonnaise



avocado toast
feta, cucumber, tomato, romaine lettuce

smoked salmon brioche
pickled onion, tomato, guacamole, romaine lettuce

roasted chicken baguette
whole seed mustard, romaine lettuce, fresh herb

le parisien
ham, butter, gherkin on a baguette

croque monsieur
sourdough bread, emmental, bechamel, ham, raclette, gruyere cheese

croque madame
essentially a croque monsieur with a sunny side up egg

classic french omelette
served with romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grilled onion
add raclette cheese $4++

scrambled egg
toasted sourdough, tomato, romaine lettuce
add smoked salmon $4++
add corsican coppa $4++



coppa 50gms $9++

bresaola 50gms $9++

lonzo 50gms $9++

cold cuts platter of all three 150gms



small 100gms $16++

large 200gms $28++

truffle brie 100gms $16++



bread basket
sourdough and baguette

classic butter croissant

pain au chocolat

toasted baguette & french butter



French Fries



homemade tarte of the day

homemade dark chocolate mousse

homemade créme caramel

homemade buckwheat ice-cream

$5++ per scoop

buckwheat affogato
espresso over a scoop of buckwheat

THE Drinks

Coffee (Hot or Iced)

espresso $4++

long black $4++

machiatto $5++

flat white $5++

latte $5++

cappucino $5++

coffee beans: sao silvestre, brazil
milk: les fayes, france
soy: bonsoy, japan (add $1++)
oat: otis, new zealand (add $1++)


Grand Cru Hand Picked Teas

royal gyokuro $12++

iron buddha oolong $12++

imperial pu-erh $12++

mahraja darjeeling $12++

roman chamomile $12++

bael fruit $12++



still or sparkling evian

small $3.5++

large $5++


Alcoholic Beverages

single serves of all spirits $10++
a variety of more than 80 varieties of spirits are available

all highballs $12++
Gin & Tonic, Vodka Soda, Whisky Ginger Beer, etc.

wines POA

beer $10++
a selection of three beers is available

It’s HAPPY HOUR all day long at SOMMET.