SOMMET - A French Cafe and Bar by Restaurant JAG

Daniel Lepkowski Avatar
Ricky slings a killer cocktail and the bar has a really cool vibe!
Daniel Lepkowski 25/09/2022
Raynor Avatar
Friendly bartenders and superb services. Drinks were amazing as well. A very cozy place to hangout with friends. Great music, nice ambience. Will be back again!
Raynor 25/04/2023
Mel Gamble Avatar
Wonderful service and cocktails. Highly recommend checking out this bar if you are a fan of unique, inspired cocktails!
Mel Gamble 25/09/2019
Ben Wakefield Avatar
Staff, drinks, and food are all 5 star! Would certainly come again.
Ben Wakefield 25/10/2022
Joshua Lim Avatar
Great company. Great drinks. The bartender wears underwear so that’s a plus. Will go back again for a good time
Joshua Lim 25/05/2023
Santha Sokalingam Avatar
Amazing cocktails and even more amazing staff who patiently explained the menu to us and recommended perfect cocktails that we enjoyed. A must try if you are a cocktail fan!
Santha Sokalingam 25/09/2021
swimwithfishes Avatar
A very happy discovery, loved this bar and the very distinctive cocktails that they serve, can't wait to visit it again the next time I am in Singapore.
swimwithfishes 25/09/2019
Cheok Yi Kung Avatar
Cocktails are top notch, great with friends or even alone. The staff would take care of you 😉
Cheok Yi Kung 25/10/2022
John Mayes Avatar
Fantastic little speak easy. Great, tasty and innovative cocktails, very good food and fantastic welcoming, friendly, service. Thanks again.
John Mayes 25/09/2020